About us

Causley Psychology Vision


The Causley Psychology vision is significantly impacted by our Christian world view and includes:

  • To treat all people with respect and dignity
  • To provide effective, professional and appropriate psychological counselling
  • To value honesty and integrity in all practice activities
  • Belief in the potential and value of all people 
  • To appreciate the privilege of being involved in people's lives when things are difficult

Charity Contribution

A percentage of all income received by Causley Psychology will be donated to a local or overseas charity.  

Our Staff


Paul Causley (Registered Psychologist) 

Paul is a local who finished his HSC at Singleton High in 1992.   He completed his studies in Psychology to Honours level at the  University of Newcastle in 1998. After employment as a Youth Worker he  obtained Conditional Registration as a Psychologist in January 2001 and  was granted full Registration in December 2003.    

Paul has worked as an Onsite Counsellor at a local Mine, Vietnam  Veterans Counselling Service Outreach Counsellor, Rehabilitation  Consultant (RTW/Worker's Compensation), School Counsellor and Private  Practice Psychologist.  

Robyn Causley (Practice Manager)  

Robyn worked as a Registered Nurse at the Royal Newcastle Hospital (when  it overlooked the beach) and has postgraduate qualifications in  Rehabilitation Nursing. Robyn has also taken time out to raise three  daughters in their early years. She will bring a wide variety of skills  and a caring nature to her role as Practice Manager.