The standard counselling session at a Causley Psychology Office costs $135 for a one hour session.

(Please note that the "one hour session" normally includes some time -  perhaps 5 or 10 minutes - for the Psychologist to review the file, make  final case notes and so on).


Treatment through Medicare is available to clients that have a current Mental Health Plan from their General Practitioner.

Clients coming for treatment under Medicare are entitled to 10 subsidised sessions per calendar year.

Medicare will currently rebate $84.80 for a standard (counselling room)  session and $106.55 for home visits/alternate location sessions. 

Medicare clients who have a Health Care Card or are receiving Centrelink  Benefits will be bulk billed (no charge directly to the client).

Worker's Compensation

Clients with a General Practitioner referral and a current Worker's  Compensation claim are usually entitled to 8 free counselling sessions (and  possibly more depending on insurer approval).

Other referral options
If you have a referral through your workplace or another referral type  please contact us to confirm what services may be available for you.